I joined up Gumroad to sell 2 ebooks from my Travel blog a few months ago.

I made 2 sales in Feb for a total of $18 (after Gumroad takes their cut).

I checked when the payment would be made and it kept changing - i was confused and through i misread the dates.

Finally I contacted them and they advised"

"So, it looks like you've only made a couple of sales. Yes, technically you have reached the $10 threshold, but if you read through our Help Center article on how payouts work, http://help.gumroad.com/11164-payments/getting-paid

We lay out the situation accordingly:

"In order to continue working with our banking partners, we have to ensure that we are sending money to legitimate creators who are:

1) Compliant with our terms of service (TOS) and the TOS of our partners

2) Not financial liabilities - i.e. not racking up chargebacks and suspicious purchases

We have to make sure that your account is safe before we can pay you. We need data on your sales in order to make that decision, and unfortunately, a handful of sales does not provide us with that data."

They continues a few email last with:

"After speaking to the risk team, it looks like the minimum amount they wanted your account to make before they re-reviewed the account was $25, so, you were almost there. "

So i have met their min $10 and made 2 sales yet now I have to make $25 - yet when I get to that amount ill no doubt be told they still can't pay.

I requested to be paid out and that they close my account from their end so they don't have to worry about me "scamming them" as apparently they seem to be pretty paranoid about every single one of their users being cammers or money launders.

In one email they stated they would speak to their risk team and in the next email, they became extremely unprofessional.

Needless to say - I doubt I will see any money from them;... they seem to get away with taking people's money and being extremely rude to their customers.

I have doubts that they even claim taxes on all this extra money they are "holding"

Product or Service Mentioned: Gumroad Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Gumroad Cons: Stealing my money, I do not appreciate them resorting to insults and name calling.

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