I don't generally leave negative reviews. Ever. I run a company (we sell on Gumroad - it's my full income) and it's hard work, and the last thing hard-working companies need is for the world of negativity on the internet to dirty their rep because of passing gripes and what-not.

But Gumroad, you've got this coming. Your customer service has such a bad reputation - what's stopping you from getting your team together and coming at this issue like you give a damn?

We've had quite a few different issues, generally with stuff like late payments and payday breakdown emails, the latter of which we rely on heavily. Often, the replies are just shrugs, or like 'OK, we'll try to do it later'. Like, just that. Cold. Uninterested. Really making us feel like idiots for using your service, bringing you tons of money over the years.

At least PRETEND to care. I'm not asking for a back massage, just a passing interest in fixing the problems YOU present to us. Late payments to us mean late payments to our employees. It's a biggie.

There's zero sense of 'oh, really sorry to hear that - let me get on this straight away and get back to you'. It's more like 'have you tried this if you haven't then I don't know sorry can't help'. There could be hours or days between emails, which says it all.

Sometimes our customers have issues that we can't help with because it's too back-end. I wouldn't dare send them to Gumroad 'Support' - we do it on their behalf so to soak up the unprofessionalism.

Seriously tempted to take our business elsewhere. It's a shame because in so many other ways Gumroad is a fantastic platform - but when you make your customers feel like *** it's hard to fly your flag.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gumroad Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Gumroad Cons: Customer service.

Location: 225 Valencia St a, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

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