Bought a digital photoset from a seller on Gumroad, bought it with a disposable Visa Giftcard...which I no longer have.

The Seller decided to give me a refund on the giftcard because they weren't able to provide the photoset that I had asked for...which was refunded to a card that was thrown away a month ago.

Mike from customer service let me know that the return has been made and that's it...can't do anything about it...which I get. Gumroad is not Visa.

But what happened to customer service? This company is in San Fran, which is a tech area...I lived there. Most companies would provide some type of coupon, an offer code, credit, something for the bad experience.

I paid money, did not receive my content, did not get the money back, so I basically just through $20 in the garbage. Which is exactly where it is. In the garbage...because that's where the giftcard is.

Location: Hicksville, New York

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